TurnerMAX Thai Pads Dragon Rexion (Pair)

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  • New synthetic leather thai pads are lightweight yet strong and long lasting.
  •  Multi layered thick padding for heavy duty shock absorption.
  •  All straps stitched and reinforced with rivets Curve design shield allows for upper cuts, hook and jabs as you would on focus pads.
  •  This is sold as pair

This curved thai pad is the natural choice for anyone training in any type of traditional martial arts, boxercise, kick boxing, MMA, muay thai etc. The curved thai pad is very popular with instructors and trainers as it sits comfortably on the arm and gives a perfect hold and grip. The shield is professionally manufactured to absorb punch and kicks, strikes and blows, hook and jabs over and over again. As the most technologically advanced thai pad in its range this muay thai pad is especially constructed from a strong synthetic leather which will withstand the punishment of punches and kicks, elbows and knees at home or in the gym. This TurnerMAX thai pad has triple layers of thick foam padding and packed with high density foam making it tough, hard wearing and shock absorbant yet lightweight at well under 1.5lbs (650g). On the back of the pad there are two velcro straps to secure on the instructors arm and a cotton filled handle for gripping the pad. The straps are stitched and riveted onto the pad for a sound and secure structured pad. This curved Muay Thai pad offers an all round training for boxing, martial arts, MMA, boxercise and other athletes. It is primarily used for training such as punching, kicking, kneeing, elbows, hook and jabs etc. The curve on this pad gives a natural hold and grip to the coach and a perfect angle to attack.

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Product Type Thai Pads Curved
Product Material Synthetic Leather
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