TurnerMAX Rexion Speed Ball Platform

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  • Speedball is especially designed for endurance training
  • Synthetic Leather is used to make the speed bag which is lined with multiple layers of textile to give it extra strength
  • Each speed ball is individually shaped and balanced for rebound accuracy
  • Hand stitched speedball is tough and made tougher by using rivets around the loop of the ball making it durable

The speedball is great for hand speed work and agility, improving balance and giving a rhythm to the fighter. This TurnerMAX speed ball is made from synthetic leather and lined with multiple layers of material to give it extra strength. The rubber bladder in the ball is similar to that of a football (different shape though) in that it is simply pumped to give it the speedball shape.The speedball and swivel can simply be attached to an existing board which can helps you to get endurance traning. A speedball is a great training equipment for boxing, kick boxing, martial arts, MMA, boxercise and general fitness use. It improves balance and hand to eye coordination, concentration and rhythm. As well as training on focus pads, thai pads, strike shields and punchbags we believe a speedball or speed bag will help give the fighter a more rounded and fuller training as required. A speedball can be used with or without bag mitts, inner gloves or hand wraps.

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Product Type Speed Ball Platforms
Product Material Synthetic Leather
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