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The free standing boxing bag is made up of high-grade vinyl and filled with quality materials to make it perfect for striking. If you are a brave fighter and you have a pluck, this bag will definitely add value to your immaculate punching and kicking skills.

Which one is better, a hanging boxing bag or a punching bag with stand? This is a question that needs to be correctly answered. Well, it all depends on the amount of space you have. Both these bags are equally good and beneficial. Red free standing punching bag is solidly built and stands tall at 6 feet. The free standing punching bag takes less space and is very convenient to assemble as compared to a hanging heavy bag. The base should be filled with water or sand. 

Even If you’re a brawler, the red free standing punch bag will never get tired of your punches and the smooth surface of the bag will make you want to hit it more with additional wrath and fury. It will make you work on your counter punches alongside head movement. 

  • The dimensions of this bag are mentioned below:
  • Total Height: 175 cm (Approximately 6 ft.)
  • Large Target Area: 110 cm
  • Base Height: 65 cm
  • Base Diameter: 65 cm
  • Ultra-Stable base.

Free standing punching bags or free standing boxing bags provide similar benefits to the player as the hanging bags found in the gym. The standing punching bags can be considered a household item for the fitness lovers and combat sports athletes. They not only provide resistance to the fighters to perfect the punching skills but also are quite portable, ideal for home gyms. You will be free from the hassle of installing hooks and brackets into a solid brick wall after buying this beauty!

Standalone punching bags or free standing heavy bags have several uses which include training the fighters in boxing, kickboxing, MMA etc. as the primary objective improving their punches, kicks, elbows and knees. Fast jabs on the bag can get you all pumped up improving your hand-eye coordination. These bags are good for cardio and building endurance. Kickboxing is a full body exercise. The whole process of striking the bag will tone down your anger and eventually reduce your stress levels. They are best to polish your roundhouse kicks!

You’ll Have:

  • Red Free Standing Punching Bag
  • Upper portion is separate.
  • The base is separate (needs to be filled with sand or water).

Note: There is a postage premium of £10 for certain UK Highlands and Islands postcode areas. See our postage terms and conditions for details or contact us prior to your order for details. Also, we cannot send filled bags outside the UK - all bags sent outside the UK will be sent empty for self-filling.

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Product Type Free Standing Bag
Product Material Synthetic Leather
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