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Perfect for serious lifters  - The TurnerMAX’s hex bar with raised handles is a must for anyone looking to build mass and strength in the traps and legs. The raised handles of this Olympic shrug bar is easier to pick up from the ground and reduces the strain on your hands and back as you perform your deadlifts, squats, etc.

Polished Chrome Finish - This best deadlift bar is made of solid steel and finished with long lasting polished chrome with the weighs approx 22KG – without any plates attached.

Multipurpose - This highly versatile Olympic hex bar features shoulder width, parallel handles with a non-slip knurled grip.

Durable - Perform a greater range of muscle contraction and development with TurnerMAX’s hex bar, the mark of excellence.

Searching for the most underutilized strength-training tool? Are you looking for an efficient alternative to traditional squats and deadlifts — or just trying to lift more weight? Get all the support you need with our highly-rated “Hex Bar with Free Spin Lock”. You will lift heavier, lift more frequently and of course, far more safely. This best deadlift bar has become increasingly popular with beginners, gym rats, and athletes trying to work around an injury.

Another valuable benefit of the TurnerMAX’s hex bar deadlift is that it is suited for taller athletes. “When you’re working with tall athletes you really have to be careful about overloading the spine, the hex bar places less compressive forces on the spine, which enables you to perform better in gym with a higher volume of training than squats.” This Olympic shrug bar comes with the two handle options for versatility. Plus, the hex bar’s unique shape can make moves like deadlifts, shoulder presses, and upright rows more comfortable. “The design lets you use a neutral grip, which mirrors the way you naturally hold your arms,

TurnerMAX’s Olympic hex bar features a polished chrome finish, crafted with all-steel construction, features a unique dual handle design for targeting and isolating desired muscle groups.  The hexagonal design allows you to easily step in and out of the bar.

Our Hex Bar (22 kgs) features a knurled texture for added grip to use with or without weight lifting gloves (although we would always recommend you wear them). The bar is designed with chrome sleeves—making loading plates on the bar easy for all users.

TurnerMAX’s hex bar are high performance, exceptionally durable and rust resistant with proper use and care. They are easy to clean and manufactured to last for years. Feel confident in using this bar in your home gym or any institutional/professional setting.

Note: There is a postage premium of £10 for certain UK Highlands and Islands postcode areas. Contact us prior to your order for details.

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