TurnerMAX Head Harness Cotton Black

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At TurnerMAX we stock a wide variety of weight lifting belts and weight lifting gloves. The range includes leather belts and leather gloves, gym gloves, fitness belts, nylon belts and spandex gloves. Along with the basic fitness equipment we help you lift more weight by providing accessories such as lifting hooks, head harnesses, knee wraps, wrist wraps, lifting straps, dipping belts, abdominal belts etc. 

This head harness is made from cotton that fits snugly on your head. It is extra wide and padded to provide comfort to your head and neck during training. The head harness helps to maximise neck training by adding weights during your training workout. It comes wtih a heavy duty chain which features a quick release clip for adjusting the weight. Simply open the chain, add a weight disc, reattach the chain and you are ready to use your head harness to strenghthen your neck muscles. Use this head harness at home and/or in the gym.

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Product Type Head Harness
Product Material Cotton
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