TurnerMAX Free Standing Speed Ball Black

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Quick Overview
  • Synthetic leather speedball ideal for boxing, kickboxing, sparring and kicking training for martial arts.
  • Base can be filled with sand (not included) or water to make it stable.
  • Tested for strength and endurance, it helps in building the speed of the boxer.
  • Adjustable height makes it suitable even for the kids.
  • Fits almost anywhere in your home.

The speedball is itself constructed from durable synthetic leather material so that it can last long and is able to train the boxers for their power punches. This stand gradually increases your punching power, hand eye coordination and overall performance is enhanced whether you are a boxer, kick boxer or a martial artist. This adjustable speed bag comes with a strong empty base which can be filled with sand or water to make it steady. It doesn't take up much space so you can easily place it in your house. It provides the perfect workout for the core muscles of the body toning them eventually. It also provides a superb full body workout and also stimulates fat loss and burns calories quickly and you should add this workout in your cardio routine.

It has been researched that a 20 minute boxing workout can burn 281 calories as compared to 164 calories burnt in high impact aerobics workout. Also 188 calories burnt in a 12-14 mph bike ride are also comparatively less than this boxing stand workout. It builds up your biceps and triceps, muscles of the shoulders, the legs and abdominals. This speedball can handle even your hardest punches and kicks. When you punch it or kick it, you feel the speed bag absorbing the force being applied to it. It provides an alternate solution to a ceiling/wall hanging speed ball, double-end ball speed bag. The whole structure of this speed ball stand is to last long providing it enough endurance.

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Product Type Free Standing Speed Balls
Product Material Synthetic Leather
Color Green
tested N/A
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