TurnerMAX Free standing Punch Bag Blue

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Quick Overview
  • Made from synthetic leather and packed with EVA foam
  • 175 cm height and a wide 65 cm base diameter
  • Shock absorbing surface
  • Base filled with sand

TurnerMAX Free standing bag is ideal for Kung Fu, Taekwondo, Karate, and other martial arts. It stands
upright at approximately 6ft and if you fill the base with sand making sure it is placed on a carpeted
surface, it won't move an inch from its place. The free standing heavy bag is made from synthetic
leather and packed with EVA foam. It is capable of providing similar resistance as a traditional handing
heavy bag mostly found in gyms. The main difference is that a free standing punching bag is profitable.

As you strike the bag, it comes back at you in a springy manner. The dense EVA foam filling makes the
vinyl surface predisposed to hitting. The stand of this punching is pretty sturdy so no matter how hard
you strike, the bag will not fall. This free standing boxing bag is extremely convenient to carry. You just
have to empty out the sand and it is ready to go in your traveling bag with you. Moreover, as it is easily
movable, it does not take up much space in the house. It’s a perfect choice if you to practice blows at
home or when you are traveling. TurnerMAX Free standing bag is available in blue color.

More Information
Product Type Free Standing Bag
Product Material Synthetic Leather
Color Green
tested N/A
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