TurnerMAX Focus Pad Blue/Black Curved

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  • Focus pads for boxing can also be used for training in other sports like MMA, kickboxing, Muay Thai etc.
  • Thick pair of reliable hook and jab curved pads ensuring comfort for both the puncher and the holder.
  • Blue & black colour for focus pads and mitts allows the fighter to see the target clearly in order to plan his next strike.
  •  Kick pads - strike shields or punch mitts such as this pair makes it easier to practice your uppercuts.
  •  Blue - black curved focus pads are lightweight, strongly padded, shock-absorbent, durable, made of high quality PU synthetic leather and always come in the form of a pair

Focus pads in the UK are a basic training tool for boxers, martial artists, MMA athletes and other combat sports. This particular pair in blue & black is very pleasing to the eye, firstly, and secondly, very comfortable to wear and strike. You can even hit them with bare hands or wearing hand wraps only. The striking abilities of the fighter are further enhanced by the use of curved focus mitts, particularly, uppercuts. Foot movement, head movement, speed, agility, hand-eye coordination are strengthened along with other skills. We are always on the lookout for the best focus mitts for boxing, but how do we know that we are buying the right focus mitts? One way to analyse the quality of focus pads is to allow two players to start training on them. If the pair wears out or the foam doesn’t hold its shape, those pads can’t be relied upon. TurnerMAX curved focus pads go through rigorous testing procedures so that their shape and foam structure remains intact even after years of rough usage.


Length (from Top to Bottom) 25 cm

Width (Top Left to Right): 20 cm

Width (Bottom Left to Right): 11 cm

Thickness: 5 cm

Package Includes:

1 (pair) X Focus Pads (Blue & Black)

The outer layer is made up of the best quality PU synthetic leather. Good striking pads should absorb the shock when the fighter hits the pads. If the person at the receiving end feels pain or is hurt by the fierce kicking or punching, the pads just lose their purpose. TurnerMAX ensures these focus mitts absorb maximum force and the person holding them receives minimum shock. Furthermore, the curved boxing pads have always got the upper hand over straight boxing pads. Why? Because the angles these pads create, train the fighter to fight in all directions. Also trains the fighter to duck, slip and defend himself against the opponent effective. The dome palm padding keeps the hands of the holder safe. While, the gloves behind the focus pads give the trainer a stable grip to counterattack the fighter

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Product Type Focus Pads Curved
Product Material Synthetic Leather
Color Green
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