TurnerMAX Filled Angle bag

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  • Angled punch bag makes this feel realisic and ideal for kicking, punching, upper cuts and other training.
  • Angle punch bag will be filled with textile filling (empty for international deliveries).
  • Angle bag has 6 strong nylon straps for extra hold and balance.
  • Angle punch bag is made from strong synthetic leather and lined with a cotton backing.
  • FREE mitts with every punch bag reduces damage to hands when training.

TurnerMAX offers a quality synthetic leather angle punch bag which has been especially shaped to provide contours for punching, kicking, striking and to practice specialist moves like upper cuts and jabs. The angle bag provides a realistic opponent like punch bag which encourages enhanced training. The bag comes filled with textiles and just needs hanging and its ready to use. The punch bag is made from synthetic leather, lined with a woven backing and comes with 6 straps with "D" shackles to provide excellent balance and somewhere to hang the angle bag from.You will also get a free/complimentary pair of inner mitts which are recommended when using any punch bag.As with all punchbags this body bag is a great piece of equipment for anyone training in boxing, kick boxing, MMA, Karate or other martial arts.

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Product Type Angle Bag
Product Material Synthetic Leather
Color Green
tested N/A
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