Speed Rope With Black Handle Red, Blue, Orange & Green

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Skipping is an extremely popular part of martial arts training and can be found in boxing, kick boxing and kung fu. It helps build agility and speed on the feet which is vitally important when moving in for a strike or avoiding an attack quickly and efficiently.

Skipping with a jump rope is one of the cheapest and easiest exercises you can add to your training program. It is an all body cardiovascular workout that hits the calves, glutes and arms in particular. Skipping can achieve a "burn rate" of approximately 1300 calories per hour or about 0.1 calories consumed per jump. 10 minutes of jumping rope is roughly the equivalent of running 8 miles a minute. 15-20 minutes of jumping rope is enough to burn off the entire amount of calories from a candy/chocolate bar. Jumping rope is safer than running or jogging as you have two legs absorbing the impact of each landing, this can save you from common sports injuries such as knee damage often caused by running as only one leg takes the impact.

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