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  • Premium synthetic leather covering
  • High density foam
  • Multiple straps for better strike shield functionality 
  • Large kick shield pad surface for punches and kicks

TunerMAX presents you Muay Thai kick shield in red and black for your striking workouts. It’s constructed from high density foam covered with premium synthetic leather that can take all kinds of impacts. It has a slightly curved design to help you keep the strikes centered to the forearm.

This strike shields acts like an armor. It’s 10 cm thick, that makes it sturdy enough to take all the blows and still last for a long time. It’s kept 66 cm long to provide extra pad surface to the trainer for practicing kicks and punches. There is no need to adjust your knee or kick style because you will have enough room to practice all without worrying about hitting your coach.

The heavy duty shock absorption quality of the padding makes it safe for block kicks, knees, punches, and elbows. Thanks to the premium leather covering, after use, feel free to clean wipe your kick shield pad and increase its life.

At the rear of the curved kick shield are 3 nylon straps. These straps provide a better hold to the coach or pad holder. The handles also let the fighter practice high kicks, low licks, and mid-section kicks in a natural way.

This kick shield pad has been designed to help the fighter focus on practicing stable kicking and punching techniques. The extended strike depth of the pad ensures its symmetry is maintained over the course of its life.

Note: The TurnerMAX Muay Thai kick shield in black and red is sold separately, not in a pair.

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