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  • The Kick shield is lightweight
  • It’s slightly curved just like the curved kick pads
  • High impact shock absorbent foam
  • Best for practicing jabs, uppercuts and hooks

TurnerMAX Muay Thai kick shield is perfect for practicing heavy kicks and low kicks. Since it is a single pad and it has a large surface area, you will have enough space to strike without hitting your coach or pad holder. These are lightweight and secure, making it easy for the fighter to hold and position. The strike pad is 66 cm long and 10 cm thick.

The outer layer of the kick shield pad is made from synthetic leather. On the inside, you will find high density foam that can absorb and disperse the impact from strong strikes. The pad holder and the striker both don’t have to worry about withstanding the impact. This Muay Thai kick shield is slightly curved shape to provide a variety of angles for training.

This Muay Thai strike shield has 3 rear nylon handles each to provide comfort and multiple pad positions to the trainer. These handles allow you to practice high kicks, low licks, and mid-section kids naturally. You will not have to adjust your knee or kick style to land the strike.

TurnerMAX curved kick shield makes it safer to practice your knees without worrying about causing damage to yourself. You can use this strike pad for practicing martial arts, jabs, uppercuts, hooks and a variety of other kicks. TurnerMAX all-black strike shield is sold separately, not as a pair.

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Product Type Kick Pads
Product Material Synthetic Leather
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