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Olympic bar and weights are necessary for body builders as they serve as the staple equipment to build and strengthen muscles. 7 ft Olympic bar tends to be the longest of all and suitable for widely chested athletes. Whereas, 5 ft Olympic bar is the size that most people are interested in, however, few of them also go for 6 ft Olympic bars. If you are interested in getting top quality 6 ft or 7 ft Olympic bar, I’d recommend TurnerMAX because it will never strain your pockets. There’s never a dull moment for the builders with Olympic barbell bar.

20 kg Olympic bar is what most men use where as women go for the lighter version. TurnerMAX also supplies a pair of collars with the bar. It is made up of high-grade solid steel which can withstand the force applied by heavy weight plates. This bar takes up less space and is ideal for home gyms. Weight plates are adjusted on either side of the barbell until the desired weight is achieved. The collars that are with it help in keeping the plates intact during weight training, Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting. TurnerMAX Olympic weight bar is the most reliable, durable and budget-friendly.

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