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Punch Bags - Canvas

Most Reliable Punch Bags – Canvas by TurnerMAX


Canvas punching bags by TurnerMAX are the best heavy punching bags to date. I am not bragging because the quality used in producing these bags is extraordinary. You can compare them with other canvas bags and you’ll know what I am talking about!


Canvas Punching Bag - Basics


Stating a fact, we are manufacturing 2 feet, 3 feet and 4 feet canvas boxing bags. Punching bags made of canvas are not as pricey as vinyl or leather punching bags. But the probability of the canvas bag ripping up or getting shapeless is higher. Heavy punching bags here at Turner Sports are filled with special fibers making them solid enough to be punched or kicked. An important factor in the popularity of canvas bags is their price. It is in the reach of almost every one. A mediocre guy unable to afford a leather heavy bag can easily buy this one. It won’t strain his pocket at all. If you are punching with bare hands, you’ll feel a certain amount of roughness, but if you have never trained on a leather bag, this might be the game changer.


13 Piece Punching Bag Sets


The rainbow of colours always seem pleasant to the eye. I’ve always been a fan of shorter bags, since I can capture the whole image of the bag in my eyes. As you start punching the heavy boxing bag, you’ll start feeling better and accomplished. The outer shock-absorbing layer will just consume you into training hard. Half an hour or an hour shall pass but it will feel like you just started. There is never a dull moment with the top quality boxing heavy bags by TurnerMAX. If you’re looking for a punching bag set, that is also available in the form of a 13 piece package. Boxing punch bag sets include hooks & brackets along with other fitness essentials. It is a very profitable deal and a lifelong investment because TurnerMAX is a champion when it comes to durability.




Boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA bag should weigh around half your body weight. But you can make it heavier for more stability.


Noteworthy features


  • Designed in the UK
  • Filled with special shredded clothing leftovers
  • Heavy duty straps stitched to perfection by which it will be hung via chain
  • Canvas material used outside is the best one
  • There is a total refund warranty if the bag has a manufacturing fault
  • Camouflage, black colour with different designs etc. are the pride of our canvas category
  • 2 feet, 3 feet and 4 feet are the available lengths for canvas bags
  • The D-rings are stitched firmly to provide support to the bag for long
  • 55” is the diameter of the punch bag


The Six Feet Story


The 6ft punch bag, the banana bag is often asked by the customers. The 6ft kickboxing bag is very effective for training in kickboxing, especially, refining those high & low kicks. 6ft heavy bags are often used by the taller and more experienced players. They like to see more surface area for striking practice. 6ft boxing bag is an important item in a professional gym. Mostly, the heavy hitters are seen punching these bags to accomplish themselves as the mightiest fist in and around the area.


Concluding Remarks


My favourite is the black punching bag with the trademark - burning skull imprinted on it. Turner Sports is constantly working on improving designs and quality of their punching bags. If you have any workable suggestion or opinion, please send us an email, so we can implement it as soon as possible. We always welcome your feedback!

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