Punch Bag Filled 13 Piece Set with 2Pc Bracket Black Wing 4ft

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Quick Overview
  • Machine filled to a weight of over 65lbs (4 feet).
  • Made from Black Canvas.
  • Zip top design enables you to customise the filling further Reinforced heavy duty double stitched and riveted D-shackles.
  • High quality chain with built in swivel for hanging included as Free.
  • Punchbag features re-inforced, heavy duty, double stitched and riveted D-shackles.
  • Ideal for Keeping fit, Fitness Training Cardio, Martial arts, Boxing and Muay Thai.

This Turner MAX punch bag is made from high quality and heavy duty canvas which has been used in the manufacturing of punch bags for many decades. Its simple design will keep you attracted to the punching bag for years.The design features a zipped top which can be opened/closed to increase or decrease the amount of filling. The punchbag comes with a textile filling to our specified weights. There are four reinforced heavy duty, double stitched and riveted D-shackles at the top of the bag to attach the chain which gives a natural balance to the punching bag As well as the punchbag you will receive a free heavy duty punch bag chain which features a swivel top design to reduce the strain on your punchbag hook or punchbag bracket. The swivel chain allows the bag to swing freely when it is kicked, punched etc. When measured with the chain attached then the size of the bag increases by another 12 inches. You also get a free/complimentary pair of inner glove which are recommended when using any punch bag This bag is ideal for home use and is one of the best bags you will see in the market.

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