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MMA Pads

MMA Pads


Let’s just say we’re here gathered today to talk about everything related to training pads. First of all, let’s name a few commonly accepted names for these pads. People call them by different names and it is important to know all of them so you won’t get confused. Training pads are broadly classified into three further categories – boxing pads, Thai or kick pads and strike shields or kick shields. Boxing pads or focus pads are further broken down into sub-branches - curved focus pads and straight focus pads. Focus pads are also referred to as hook & jab pads.


See, there are so many labels used for training pads.


What Are These Pads Capable Of?


Well as the name suggests, training pads are used for training in sports like boxing, kickboxing, martial arts, Muay Thai and MMA. These strike pads are not only used to polish your punching skills but also your kicking technique. You’re able to target these pads with heavy blows from your fists and legs. If these pads are made of low quality material, they are fragile and the padding would probably break after a couple of hits. Therefore, TurnerMAX suggests using high quality pads for practicing your striking skills. Go for any famous brand but make sure they have been tried and tested by reading the reviews online or by discussing the matter with senior players (coaches).


To summarize, training pads benefit your punching power, accuracy, speed, timing and feet movement.


Focus Mitts Or Pads:


These pads are basically used to train in boxing specifically. They are also called hook & jab pads. TurnerMAX has various colours and designs of focus pads made from synthetic leather under reasonable price tags. You can get yourself these punch mitts from the website as well as Amazon. These boxing pads are classified into two types:


  • Straight focus mitts
  • Curved hook & jab pads


If we talk about present times, most of the coaches prefer the curved ones but those with wisdom also suggest that the perfection of technique happens on straight focus pads. The fighters get themselves to launch different combinations of punches – all types of punches including jabs, hooks and uppercuts.


Pad Holder & The Fighter:


Basically, two people are involved to get things going! One is the player himself and the other is the pad holder. Pad holder can easily fit his hands inside the gloves at the back of the pads. Once he is set, he can signal the fighter to start hitting. It is necessary for the fighter to put on boxing gloves along with reliable hand wraps to secure his hands. Make sure the pad holder is equally powerful as the fighter to maintain his balance after those lethal strikes. Also the coach or the trainer is supposed to fight back, not just stand there catching the hits. He should also offer offense to the fighter.


Pad holder needs to adjust to another position for receiving the kicks and the pads are held differently for punches.


Thai Pads:


We now move over to the next type of training pads – Thai pads or the Muay Thai pads. The Thai pads are also called kick pads and are specifically used to train in Muay Thai, kickboxing and martial arts in general. They are rectangular in shape with arm straps and a strap to hold the pads. Turner Sports sells them in various colours and designs. The foam inside these pads is both light-weight and shock-absorbent built to withstand the mightiest of kicks. The research & development department makes sure the pads are as tough as we say they are.


Hit With Maximum Strength:


Mostly it is noticed that the guys give their 100% when training on the pads. Hence, the Thai pad holder needs to hold the pad correctly not to get injured because these heavy strikes can induce injury in a split second. Just beware of the consequences of carelessness and not being alert!

Again there are two types of Thai pads:


  • Straight Thai pads.
  • Curved Thai pads.


The focus of the pads training is the mid-part. If you’re aiming the middle section of the Thai pad with your kicks, you are going in the right direction.


The curved Thai pads can be best for kneeing practice and also the kicks won’t skip through the edges of the pads. Go on to hit the pads as hard as you can without losing technique. It has been stated as the best cardio. Straight Thai pads are again responsible for developing your striking method. If these pads are being used to train for MMA, then we might call them MMA pads instead.


TurnerMAX Strike Shields Are Durable With High-Quality Foam:


Strike shields, the big square ones are often measured 24 inches long and 4 inches thick. TurnerMAX strike pads are being used by the best coaches who simply feel the texture and want it the next moment! They are frequently used for training in martial arts i.e. karate, taekwondo etc. If you have that killer instinct, you would want the best strike shields for yourself.


Ending Quote:


TurnerMAX says: “The hunger for glory is the driving force behind combat sports. If you have that, you’re unstoppable until time does its trick and fades you away!” 

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