Leather Maize Punch Bag (UNFILLED)

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  • UNFILLED L eather Maize Bag with Zip top design for easy customisable filling.
  • Maize Punch bag is made from genuine quality cowhide leather
  • Maize punchbag comes with a free swivel chain for hanging
  • Essential training aid for keeping fit, exercise, boxing, MMA kick boxing, karate, and other martial arts.
  • Manufactured using high grade materials and fine workmanship
  • Essential training aid for keeping fit, exercise, boxing, MMA kick boxing, karate, and other martial arts.

Punchbags are great for the ordinary person looking for an interesting and varied way of keeping fit as well as the serious trainer or boxer. We have heavy and extra heavy punching bags and a large variety of punchbags such as angle bags, body bags, maize bags, 3-in-1 punchbags, kickboxing bags, boxing bags and wall bags. Punchbags are an alternative target practise to using focus pads and thai pads and can be used in groups, pairs or on your own.  If you are a beginners or an advanced fighter, punchbags are an excellent way to stay fit.  Just a session a day will not only increase your speed, stamina and technique but will help you loose weight, look great and improve confidence.This is a high quality maize punch bag which is hand stitched and made from the finest genuine thick cowhide leather.  There is a cloth lining inside which gives the leather maize bag extra strength and life. The leather maize bag is made as a pear shape and is ideal for upper cuts, punches, hook and jabs etc as well as specialist workouts with a trainer or on your own. The maize bag is approximately 2ft from top to bottom making it easy to hang and requiring little space. As well as the leather maize punchbag you will receive a free heavy duty punch bag chain which features a swivel top design to reduce the strain on your hook or bracket.  The swivel chain allows the maize bag to swing freely when it is punched etc.  You also get a free/complimentary pair of inner mitts which are recommended when using any punch bag. As with all punchbags this maize bag is a great piece of equipment for anyone training in boxing, kick boxing, MMA, Karate or other martial arts.

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Product Material Leather
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