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Punch Bags

Punch Bags


What is the purpose of a punching bag? It is a bag, long and cylindrical mostly stuffed with rags of cloth, used for training your fists so your arms can become a punching machine. You can even train your legs as you hit the bag hard which makes your shins strong gradually. It is a staple equipment for training in boxing, martial arts, kickboxing, Muay Thai and MMA.

They have a number of advantages such as better footwork and strength. Another type of bag improves your hand-eye coordination and accuracy. The speed bags develop a sense of urgency in your hands and the constant rhythmic movement helps in becoming consistent.


From The Beginning:


The sport of boxing dates back to the earliest Olympic Games. The players were known to be fierce and blood dropped from each side. They were trained as if they were soldiers and the ring was no less than a battlefield. They used to fight with bare hands hence blood flowed like running water and players without head guards used to lose teeth as a result of those bare fists. Nonetheless, it used to cause severe injuries even bringing about deaths. The rules for the game came in quite later in the mid-1700s. English were the first to adopt boxing as a professional sport surrounded by a set of rules.


Materials Used:


What types of materials are used to manufacture punching bags?

Well, the answer to that is pretty simple. Leather has been regarded as the earliest and best possible material to construct a heavy bag. Later in time came the man-made materials for building these bags so everyone can afford and learn the game of boxing. There is polyurethane leather (PU leather) also known as faux leather or synthetic leather which is actually plastic and then there is canvas which is basically heavy cotton stuff.

TurnerMAX has all kinds of punch bags starting from the finest leather (cowhide leather) to splendid synthetic leather (PU or vinyl) to absolutely phenomenal canvas bags. You name it and we have it - The leather being the most expensive one ahead of the high-quality plastic ones and canvas being the last and the most economical.

TurnerMAX has been the most honest and transparent in their manufacturing processes. Not many can bet on their leather being the finest and completely genuine but God willingly, we as a brand are proud to declare our leather being 100% genuine and real.


Types Of Bags:


Let’s name a few bags that we specialize in! Leather bags, synthetic leather bags, vinyl bags, canvas punching bags, maize bags or the teardrop, wall bags (especially for Wing Chun enthusiasts) and finally the standing punching bags. They are classified in two forms – hanging punching bags & free standing punching bags.


What Makes Them Stand Out?


Leather bags are a lifetime investment available in mostly black and brown colours. With a bit of care like wiping it with a damp cloth after training can increase its life span. Contrary to that, the synthetic leather bags have lesser life on one hand but they can be maintained with much ease on the other hand. They can even be washed and we have various colours such as blue, black, white and red being the most prominent among them. Moreover, their quality is better than most brands out there.




2 feet, 3 feet, 4 feet, 5 feet and 6 feet


Why A Heavy Bag?


Combat athletes are advised to train on heavy bags in order to polish their punching, kicking, kneeing and elbowing skills. The heavy punching bag training helps in developing muscles of the arms, shoulders, chest, abdomen and the legs, hence, your whole body can get in scintillating form. This training is so beneficial for your cardiovascular health and reducing overall stress levels. Half an hour on the heavy bag every day will not only keep you fit as a kickboxer but also as a normal person.


Heavy Bag Tips & Tricks:


  • Make sure you are hitting the bag with proper technique because if it is incorrect you might face defeat inside the ring.

  • Keep your hands up all the time and not letting your guard down even if you have to adjust the bag or make it stop vibrating. Just maintain your full guard posture which will help you in defense eventually. Maintain a steady distance between the bag and yourself and think of it as your opponent all the time.

  • Different types of combos can be learned or mastered. Furthermore, these combos polish your speed, strength, stability, feet movement and muscular durability.

  • Punching bag drills will turn you into a fierce puncher and a ruthless kicking expert.

  • Breathe – Your muscles need to get oxygenated instantly. While striking the bag, make sure you exhale as you apply the force.

  • Rotation of hips is crucial. Whatever the style may be, the power is generated through the hips in all combat sports and not the arms. Please keep your hips moving while you exert force.

  • It is necessary to keep moving around the bag while applying different combos.

  • We always encourage using hand wraps under the boxing gloves to keep your hands safe from any sort of injury. God gives us hands only once.

  • Strike the bag with a purpose – make sure every strike is for the betterment of either your skill or technique.

  • This activity is a big stress reliever as sweating it out on the bag will release the happy hormones.

  • 16 oz boxing gloves or padded bag gloves along with hand wraps are advised.

  • Heavy bags should be solidly filled weighing at least 80 lbs in order to achieve the best results.

  • Standing punching bags are effectively used inside home gyms where space and assembling is an issue. They are also an excellent tool for combat sports training.

  • Hanging punching bags are mostly wall-mounted by the use of hooks and brackets. TurnerMAX is also famous for producing the best quality punching bag brackets.

Last but not the least we are proudly making the punching bags for kids as we want our future generations to be healthy and fit for the life can get complicated!

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