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Clothing & Apparel


What Is The Proper Clothing For Boxing?

Well, let’s see boxers are seen wearing shorts and boots. My main focus will be shorts though. We have seen in the past, the boxers didn’t care much about their clothing and the colours were mostly blue or red. But nowadays boxing shorts are available in a rainbow of colours and fighters are eager to try something unique and innovative for their next bout.


Polyester – The Main Component:


Most of the time boxing shorts are made up of polyester which is the same material used for producing Thai shorts. The difference is that the Thai shorts are lighter with wider leg area. The pattern and designs vary from brand to brand. TurnerMAX makes variety of designs and focuses on brighter shades.


Boxer’s Distinctive Way Of Thinking:


Here, I need to stress on the fact that boxers have a different way of looking at things. We may as well think of pink as a feminine colour but a man might put on pink boxing shorts anytime of the day as boxers don’t associate this colour with femininity.  The colour association to men and women is a western marketing tactic.

Women don’t need to feel left alone because TurnerMAX also makes shorts for women fighters. We regard women as equally capable as men, not just in sports but in every field.

Factually, fighters like wearing bright colours which is why here at TurnerMAX you won’t find anything dull or gloomy.


Origin Of Muay Thai:


In congruence with the name, Thai shorts are much cheaper in Thailand. Did Muay Thai originated from Thailand? Now that’s a relevant question. Well as far as I can find out, Muay Thai has deep roots in Thailand and it is their national sport. They take it very seriously and train hard, often in the outdoors, bearing the scorching heat and irritating humidity levels.

Also Muay Thai is different from boxing in many ways. For instance leg kicking, knees, shin blocks and push kicks are involved in Muay Thai, whereas, boxing includes only punches. But both these combat sports end in one person winning and the other losing the fight.


The Composition Of These Shorts:


Boxing shorts are longer than the Thai shorts often reaching the knees. The material is soft and comfortable to wear. Nowadays, we see fancy waist bands with names of the fighters written on them.

Title, a famous brand uses satin to make their trunks, a word commonly used for shorts in the boxing world. TurnerMAX boxing trunks usually have a default 4” elastic band, slits by the sides and stitched in a way that makes them durable and less prone to damage. Waist band has drawstrings to make the shorts fit perfectly.


Running In Boxing Shorts:


The boxing shorts can also be used for many other sports and in activities like running. One feels so relaxed in them because there much room for free leg movement. You can choose them to be worn inside the house for a casual evening. 

If you’re a boxer, you should definitely give them a try and I’m sure you’ll come back for more.


The Characteristics Of TurnerMAX Boxing & Thai Shorts:


  • The sweat on the legs and crotch area is instantly absorbed.
  • The shorts are shiny.
  • Colours are exceptionally cheerful.
  • Low-heat conductivity making them suitable for fighters.
  • Available in sizes: small, medium, large and extra-large.


Win Or Lose In Style:


Lastly, I would like to conclude with the fact that clothing for sports like boxing, Muay Thai, martial arts, UFC MMA has come to a point that the designers and fashion experts are considered necessary to add style and elegance to the fighter’s overall performance. British fighting sensation, Amir Khan wears some pretty decent boxing clothes.

They say even if you lose the fight, you lose in style. Therefore, style is crucial nowadays and has become part and parcel of combat sports industry. 

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