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Best Protective Gear for Boxing


What comes to mind when you think about boxing and protection? Two questions arise instantly, firstly – What protective gear is used in boxing? Secondly; what do we need to protect, while boxing?


Body Protection for Boxing

  • Mouth (teeth) protection
  • Hand (knuckle) protection
  • Head protection
  • Eye (nose) protection
  • Wrist protection
  • Groin protection
  • Knee protection
  • Leg protection
  • Feet protection


TurnerMAX has always been a step ahead when it comes to the protection of a player. We have made it our priority to sell protective gear at affordable prices to young fighters or individuals involved in weight training, powerlifting and fitness industry. Mostly, adults are catered at our website but we have noticed a growing trend among kids participating in all kinds of sports. The intense combat sports require proper protective gear for kids. It is a plan in the making to excel and expand in kids’ gear, for instance, kids shin guards can be a useful product.


The long list of products involved in protecting us against injuries is as follows:


  1. Head guards
  2. Gum shields
  3. Chest guards
  4. Arm guards (pads)
  5. Groin guards
  6. Knee straps (sleeves)
  7. Shin guards or pads (protectors) - Shin insteps
  8. Ankle braces (protectors)
  9. Foot braces
  10. Karate boots


We started from top (head protection) and gradually moved down to the feet.


What size Head Guard do I need?


TurnerMAX head guards come in one size that fits all and can be considered as the best head guards for boxing. The reason, being their quality and competitive price, selling on Amazon attracting good reviews. They are designed for an average adult head size and are stitched to the highest standards. Furthermore, they are very comfortable to wear, protecting the head of the player against severe blows. We also have the honour to sell head guards with face cage, a rare commodity sold, when it comes to sports enterprises. Head guards for kickboxing are similar to boxing but it is better to choose one with a face cage.


Gum Shields


TurnerMAX gum shields are made out of high quality material. They are available in colours like blue, white etc. The boxers should wear them at all times during the match, while training or sparring to protect their mouth and teeth. Because, we have often seen fighters bleed by the side of their lips. Nosebleeds are another common injury.

There is a special kind of protection for the nose and eyes, which we’ll be discussing in coming times.


Chest Guards


We don’t normally see boxers wearing them inside the ring but while training they can wear a chest guard for boxing. Mostly martial artists – karate experts need chest guards regularly during training or practice. TurnerMAX chest guards are lightweight and solidly built, extremely useful in protecting your chest against lethal blows. Just tie the straps in the back and get ready to receive forceful strikes. You won’t feel them much because of the dense EVA foam padding.


Arm Guards or Pads


They are usually mentioned with kettlebells but have enough usage in boxing as well. They are not worn officially but you can wear them during training sessions. While, blocking punches and kicks, TurnerMAX arm pads might come in handy protecting them.


Groin Guards


Yes, protecting the sensitive men’s region is a must! If a blow (a knee or a kick) lands on this delicate area, it can hurt tremendously and a player might go unconscious due to the intensity of the pain. Therefore, it is often prescribed as a mandatory item in all combat sports (Bjj, krav maga, MMA, Muay Thai, kickboxing, martial arts, grappling) including boxing. TurnerMAX groin protection has proven time and time again to be effective. It comes with a cup and an elastic waist band to hold the cup inside.


Knee Sleeves or Straps


Most knee straps are used in fitness training like weightlifting. They have many benefits; one for example is keeping the knee in place, while performing squats and deadlifts. The strain is actually minimised, when you put on TurnerMAX knee wraps. They are extremely beneficial for bodybuilding exercises, drills and workouts. Moreover, they are a must if you are visiting the gym for some strength training. You can easily tie them around using the Velcro straps. Make sure they aren’t very tightly wrapped. You can buy them here or visit Amazon for best knee sleeves.


Shin Guards – Pads – Protectors


Shin guards are extremely significant because the opponents target shins with their low kicks. Wearing them ensures safety of the shins (the lower parts of legs). Amazon has the best shin pads in the UK, but we are also there so you may check us out as well. Muay Thai and MMA shin pads in the UK are normally sold at high prices but you will find our quality and price up to the mark. Shin insteps in red and black are beautiful as well as durable. Mostly designed for men, they are made of PU material and have dense EVA foam padding. Shin pads by TurnerMAX are very lightweight with great impact absorption qualities.


Ankle Braces – Support – Protectors & Foot Braces


Factually speaking, you will find the best ankle braces on Amazon; however, we are also there so you can easily compare us with other brands. The customer reviews give us a general idea about the quality and performance of the product. TurnerMAX ankle braces are one of a kind because they cover most part of the foot along with the ankle. The elastic ankle brace can easily be put on. Usually, people couldn’t care less when the price of the product is in their pocket’s reach, but, we give special attention to the smaller items because we consider every penny earned by you as worth spending. They can easily be used as ankle braces for sprains minimising the pain.

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