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Boxing Pads

Boxing Pads


To learn or train in the art of boxing, many of us don’t know where to start. Punching bag comes to mind straight away but there is another tool which is much more effective than a heavy bag and it is called the boxing pad or boxing pads and mitts collectively. Grab high quality and inexpensive boxing pads at our site. They are made up of synthetic leather. We encourage boxing enthusiasts to have a look at them and if you think you can go for something better than this, we would surely like to know its name!


Types Of Pads:


There are three kinds of pads used in the field of boxing, martial arts, kickboxing, Muay Thai and MMA. It all starts from focus pads or hook and jab pads, the strike shields or kick shields and finally we have the Thai boxing pads.

What could be the best strike pads available on the market? The answer to that lies in the knowledge of your coach or trainer. As mentioned before, reading reviews online is a developing trend and is quite helpful in making a decision.


Focus Pads:


Boxing focus mitt drills are available on famous video channels, displaying talents of respected coaches across the globe. They show us the correct way of how it’s actually done. Boxing focus pads are a great way to enhance speed and accuracy of punches.

Moreover, there are two types of boxing padsstraight boxing pads & curved boxing pads. The TurnerMAX pads for boxing are an asset not only boosting the trainer’s confidence but also the player’s belief in his coach. 



Curved Focus Pads:


The curved hook and jab pads are popular these days and most of the participants go for it to sharpen up their boxing skills especially uppercuts. Whereas the straight focus pads came first, signifying they are more helpful to the experienced user. The focus pads for boxing have to be held in the right position to refine the accuracy of your punches. Furthermore, MMA focus pads are a bit bigger so you can catch the kicks as well. Take extra caution while holding the pads, because holding them incorrectly could lead to serious injury.



Rainbow Of Colours:


If you are new and just starting out, you might want to buy boxing pads and gloves set because they are codependent. We have various colours and materials available: black focus pads, red focus pads, curved blue focus pads, curved white focus pads or the curved gel focus pads which have padding unlike any other. Our R & D department is always on the lookout for better colours and designs.


Benefits Of Focus Mitts:


1.       Improve technique, strength, effectiveness, stamina, precision and control.

2.       Improves offensive combos and defensive drills like blocking and slipping.


For The Love Of Martial Arts:


There are three strike shields available in attractive colours (black, white, red/black) and designs. High quality MMA strike shields and top rated strike shields for martial arts not only train you in combat sports but also can be used for daily workouts.



Benefits Of Strike Shields:



To master the art of kickboxing and karate, you need to get a hold of kick shields. They are responsible for developing technique and polish your striking skills taking them to the next level. Many martial arts facilities have kept trainers for the very purpose of nurturing the natural talents of youngsters grooming them into future champions.


Thai Pads:


Last but not the least we have the Thai boxing pads which are used to practice for Muay Thai, kickboxing and martial arts. They are rectangular and bigger than focus mitts with dense foam for surviving lethal blows. They are held by the coach for the fighter to punch and kick at different angles practicing different fighting drills. TurnerMAX MMA Thai pads are sturdy and can even stand the kicks hurled with full force. These pads sometimes called punch Thai pads can also be used to develop powerful punches.

Thai pads in the UK are pretty expensive if you look at the famous brands but here we believe in the concept of not overstraining your pockets.



Benefits Of Thai Pads:



The name comes from the sport Muay Thai, basically teaches you how to land perfect kicks. Besides kicking, you can also perfect knee strikes as well as elbows.

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