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Boxing Gloves & Mitts

Boxing Gloves & Bag Mitts


The category under discussion is boxing gloves & mitts. As a combative sports organization, we give preference to different sports including boxing, martial arts and MMA. Boxing and other sports like boxing have always been the talk of the town since human beings have a knack of fighting as their natural born instinct. In order to get maximum pleasure out of this sport, it is advised to wear proper boxing gear and fighting under a set of rules and regulations so that everyone can enjoy collectively.

TurnerMAX boxing gloves UK have been known for their quality and durability. Several clubs in the UK have admired their build and praised the fact that they are affordable.


Best Gloves For Boxing:


It is hard to choose the best gloves for boxing because it depends on the brand as well as client’s level of trust in it. Some people put their faith in expensive brands whereas some are happy with inexpensive but quality gear.

TurnerMAX gloves for boxing are reliable and long lasting whether they are pure leather or synthetic leather. Pure leather gloves are obviously pricier than the non-leather ones. However, both of them are good enough to get the job done.


Boxing Scene In UK Is Exciting:


The UK boxing gloves have been pretty famous in the fighting circle since the sport of boxing has a huge fan following in this region. We have been operating in the UK for many years now and it’s quite an honour for us to be manufacturing the best gear at competitive prices.

Here you need to know the types of boxing gloves. We are offering competition gloves, sparring or training gloves and Mexican gloves. It is necessary to wear hand wraps or inner gloves under the gloves for fist and knuckle protection. Safety should be considered as the vital part of this sport. The boxing sparring gloves are used for the specific purpose of sparring or training with a partner which is the backbone activity for learning the art of boxing.


Boxing Gloves For Sparring:


There are many brands on the market manufacturing the most effective boxing gloves for sparring in which TurnerMAX is also a strong contender. Boxing gloves for sparring are not only heavy but also train the boxer to become a better fighter. He gets used to keeping his hands up during the fight.

The heavier a person weighs, the heavier will be his gloves. Boxing gloves 12 oz can be used by fighters falling in a heavier category. Sparring gloves 16 oz is the perfect size for practice gloves which is universally accepted. While offering maximum padding and protection to your hands, the boxing professionals develop powerful and targeted punches. TurnerMAX boxing gloves for training are a bit heavier than the gloves used in the actual fight. 14oz or 16oz gloves are used for training or sparring and practicing on the punching bag. The boxing gloves 14 oz could be used for sparring if you are thin or lightweight.


Colours Of The Boxing Gloves:


Blue boxing gloves are conventionally used inside the ring along with the red boxing gloves. These two colours have been traditionally used by famous boxers over time but various colours have become part of the modern game now. The companies producing boxing gloves in UK have faced enough constructive criticism thus helping them to improve their quality, specifications and usefulness.

TurnerMAX boxing gloves and mitts have earned a name for themselves in combat sports industry of the UK. They have proven their mettle with the passage of time and successfully launched eBay and Amazon campaigns in many countries. There are different sizes available in the boxing gloves ranging from 8 oz to 18 oz, except for the kids which are much smaller. The boxing gloves 10 oz are specifically recommended to be used inside the ring during a fight.


Where To Find Boxing Gloves?


Now that’s the question. If a sports shop isn’t nearby, it is best to go online and do your research. This is indeed a growing trend since the advent of smartphones. Boxing gloves 14 oz or 16 oz? It depends on your weight. TurnerMAX 10 oz boxing gloves UK are available in different materials, colours and designs for you to choose from. 10 oz leather boxing gloves can be termed as fight gloves and used in serious tournaments.

We also have a special colour just for the ladies. Many girls can relate to pink colour. TurnerMAX encourages them to take part in this sport. 


Bag Gloves Boxing:


Boxing bag gloves prepare a boxer for the actual fight providing enough padding and support during training.  Boxing bag mitts are used on the punching bag but they provide less protection than the sparring gloves. Heavy bag mitts are used on heavy bags. They provide enough cushioning to the hands as a safety measure.


Bag Mitts Boxing:


Bag mitts are an essential tool for training in sports like boxing, martial arts and MMA. TurnerMAX bag gloves are available in genuine leather as well as synthetic leather. Leather bag gloves are usually much more reliable and resilient. ‘Leather bag mitts’ is usually the name most of the coaches like to call them at the gym.


How To Protect Your Hands In Style?


TurnerMAX hand wraps are also available in many colours, for instance black hand wraps. Inner gloves for boxing are an alternative for fighting hand wraps and can be used interchangeably. Boxing inner gloves are a must before you put on your boxing gloves. We want your hands to remain unharmed.

TurnerMAX supplies the best quality cotton inner gloves as compared to its competitors. Boxing gloves and hand wraps are always considered as ‘best friends forever’ in the world of boxing.

Where to buy boxing hand wraps? You know the answer to that question, don’t you? TurnerMAX produces the most lightweight hand wraps for boxing gloves. The pure cotton hand wraps seem to provide maximum relief to the hands when the going gets tough!

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