Getting our Facts Right!

MMA has not been here for long, while, boxing has been there for decades. Most of us fail to understand that sports should be dealt with spirit and intelligence rather than emotions and feelings. We might have intense, deep-rooted feelings for boxing because it is the veteran sport but that doesn’t mean we can ignore MMA which is new and evolving. MMA is scrutinized for being uncivil on numerous occasions and for a non-professional attitude compared to boxing. UFC, the organization responsible for MMA has faced very harsh criticisms but has managed to hold its nerves even through the toughest of times. Dana White, over the years, has kept his cool, managed to calm down those staunch views and turned them around in MMA’s favour.

The question still remains at large, even though, it has been answered many times before but as humans we always need constant reminders as to why this is actually happening and what is it for? We will discuss the strengths of the both MMA and boxing and then you can decide it for yourself, which one is better for you? Why strengths? Because, weaknesses are always prone to exploitations! Let’s talk about a few essentials of the games.


MMA is more of a contact combat sport than boxing – an MMA player is supposed to be a jack of all trades and master of none because it is a combination of Brazilian jujitsu, judo, kickboxing and wrestling. However, we have witnessed MMA fighters specializing in only one art as well. For instance, he or she can be better at bjj or judo. As a result, you’ll be able to do the takedowns, grapple, hammerfist, leg lock, ground and pound and all those fancy moves you’ve been training yourself hard in!

1.      MMA Gear

MMA (mixed martial arts), doesn’t mean street fight or fight without any rules. It is just more of a fight compared to boxing, in which, you are allowed to use legs along with your arms. MMA gear consists of shorter shorts (as in Muay Thai) and the gloves leave fingers exposed, in order to allow grappling techniques to function – sometime referred to as grappling gloves, as well. MMA fight shorts are shorter, I think, for a reason, to give more exposure to the thigh area for effective kicking.

2.      Fight Gloves – Fighting Shorts

MMA apparel consists of training shorts or fighting shorts and mma fight gloves, basically. You can call them UFC boxing gloves and even the martial artists use these gloves in abundance.

3.      Black MMA Shorts

The training gear is incomplete without these basic items. Furthermore, karate pants or martial arts pants can be used while training, so they should be part of your kit. We have seen youngsters looking for the best mma shorts with colours matching the fire and passion inside them. There are plenty of brands out there for your liking. If you are fed up of trying out brands, I believe TurnerMAX mma gear is worth looking at, as their prices are competitive and the stuff is very comfortable. Black mma shorts are widely sold and people demand that colour before they ask for anything else. I would recommend this colour to everyone, especially to the beginners & amateurs.

Similarities between boxing and MMA

Training is the hardest part in both MMA and boxing! All the punch bags mentioned below can be used by both these sports.

1.      Free Standing Punching Bag

You need to practice on all kinds of punch bags to surface up as a contender for the big fights. Free standing punching bag is there to solve the space problem. Standing punching bag is something you can place in a living room, in the kitchen or the dining area - Wherever, you can access it and it is quite portable as well. You can move it around, unlike the hanging punch bag which has to stay in one place, and the swing demands more space.  Additionally, you can easily practice your grappling moves on it. 

  1. Even if you are an MMA fighter, a boxing punch bag or a heavy punching bag is a necessary item to make your punches hard and lethal. Free standing heavy bags or boxing bags will allow you to train at home and those heavy hanging punching bags will be your partner at the gym. Some of the analysts have even named the standalone punching bag as your best sparring partner, which I agree it is!
  1. Then, comes another type of bag which is more cutting-edge than the former. It is the uppercut bag or body punching bag. Both of them are designed to polish your uppercut skills along with body hits, knee strikes and angular blows. Some of us know them as angled punch bags or shaped bags. They are explicitly, purpose-built bags to condition you into an uppercut beast! TurnerMAX has an edge in making them, you can see for yourselves, because not many brands out there are focusing on this part of the game.

Protective Gear: A Major part of Both Games

Yea, in all combat sports, protection is a must! All the fighters are advised to wear different types of protective gear. But, in the ring, when it matters, the players are shielding their hands, feet, groin area and mouth. Most of this equipment comes in use while training. We have items like ankle braces, head guards, chest guards, arms pads, gum shields, knee straps (sleeves) and  shin guards (shin insteps).

  1. Free standing speed balls can always help you rhythm up and get you rolling for the day. Defense moves and holding your guard up for long is the purpose of a speedball. Going for a speedball results in building your arm muscles and your stamina increases like hell!


Boxing can be regarded as the mother of combat sports. Under no circumstances, the name of the mother can be detached from the child. She always remains the child’s mother. Boxing, certainly, allows one person to perfect the art of punching and the rules limit the boxers to use their arms and not their legs. Nonetheless, we can never strike boxing out of the question, because the fighters in those 12-rounds know exactly what they have to do. They have to either knock each other out or wait for a unanimous decision. The skill of punching is there to stay and we can always learn from the spectators, the joy they experience as the fighters move from one round to another.  

Boxing Equipment

Boxing gloves in the UK are often considered a staple because every other residence like to make them part of their household, along with a punch bag. Yes, that’s right, the roots of boxing lay deep within the UK and it is by following those roots, boxing emerges out as a true hero, reigning the hearts of its citizens. 10-ounce boxing gloves are usually known as the competition gloves and 14 oz or 16 oz boxing gloves are best suited for sparring or training hard on a punching bag, because they provide enough padding to keep your hands and knuckles safe from injuries.

Boxing gear also includes boxing shorts. Boxing kit or apparel comprises of many things, for instance, boxing pads (focus pads or mitts), strike shields, bag gloves, hand wraps etc.

Tip: Always keeping an extra pair helps in locating the item quickly.


MMA is here to stay! We concluded that after surgically examining the components required by an MMA fighter, because there are more similarities than differences between boxing and MMA. It is high time; we give this game some respect, which it truly deserves. There is enough flexibility to revise and go through the rules of the game from time to time.

Boxing will not become extinct! Any sport that perfects ones technique and turns them into a master player can never be stereotyped. This game delivers you the best power puncher who is fittest of all and has high endurance level. As humans, we have a knack of following mentors and role models. Recently, Mayweather proved himself to be a force to reckon with by defeating McGregor! We will always need them to make us feel good about ourselves. If he can do it, we can also do it!

So the boxers or MMA enthusiasts should lie down and relax because we love both the games and logically speaking, not one has disappointed us so far!