Boxing for ladies has always been popular because the sport relates to the instinct of fighting and defending themselves against evils of society. Boxing provides them a perfect platform to launch their abilities in the form of handling an opponent and never giving up even if it takes every bit of their energy! There are so many women fighters on the championship scale at the moment, all of them displaying unique set of skills and a relentless passion for this sport. This drive and craze is essential to move forward and climb the ladder of success.

Youngsters look up to Title Holders  

Ladies boxing gloves and pads in the UK have been a hot-selling commodity after internet revolutionized the online shopping business. Women joining health clubs, fitness centers and boxing gyms in huge numbers is a no brainer. Almost all the weight classes for women have champions from all over the globe. WBA, WBC, WBO and IBF female title holders just make the game so interesting. Furthermore, the champion women act as a role model to younger girls who are inspired and motivated to take up boxing as a professional sport. Not withholding or backing up, its high time for the women to cruise through in every department and field because long gone are the days when women were restricted to their household duties.

Pink Boxing Gloves by TurnerMAX

There are loads of companies offering ladies boxing gloves and mitts, but again, it is you who has to decide in the end. Numerous brands manufacturing women’s gear alongside men, offer a wide variety of equipment, in which the ladies boxing shorts are often looked at with a keen eye and interest. TurnerMAX ladies boxing gloves are available on the website in pink colour, a colour associated with women. TurnerMAX has always admired and encouraged ladies to get fit with boxing. The amount of work they are supposed to do at home or workplace can cause stress and boxing just allows them to unwind and relax. Therefore, to facilitate ladies to the maximum, we have kept the prices affordable for every class, regardless of their profession.

Ladies boxing gloves and pads, by Cleto Reyes, for instance, are very expensive because let’s just say they have established themselves as a brand. The best way to find out if something is good or bad is to read its reviews. They give you decent idea of the product in your wish list. Ordinarily, reviews on Amazon are helpful and authentic, giving the customers satisfactory information to proceed with the purchase.


Weight of Boxing Gloves

There is often a question asked by the ladies, as to what weight should they buy for boxing gloves? However, the answer to that is pretty simple. You can go for the lighter gloves, weighing between 6-ounces to 8-ounces. They wouldn’t be too heavy or difficult to carry. 6 oz. boxing gloves would be ideal for beginners. But, use heavier gloves for sparring, bag and pad work, a similar strategy followed by men while training.

Basic Knowledge before buying Boxing Gloves in the UK

  1. Make sure the gloves aren’t so cheap! Cheaper gloves can be less straining to the pocket but they can cause harm to your hands in the long run. Often it has been observed, the foam inside them breaks and the gloves lose their shape after a couple of months. As for branded gloves; they will last longer offering the same comfort level and striking quality as if they were new.
  2. Secondly, the surface or outer material should be high quality. The genuine leather boxing gloves by TurnerMAX are a force to reckon with. But even if they are PU synthetic leather, the material should be A-grade and stitched carefully so that every stitch speaks volumes of their reliability.
  3. Each brand has its specific style and structure. TurnerMAX boxing gloves in the UK are stuffed with special foam that is moulded to make that particular curved design for our fingers to settle in. Ensure the foam is not so hard or soft before buying the gloves. You can measure it by hitting your sparring partner. If he gets hurt by a normal punch, you shouldn’t proceed with your purchase. Talking to online customer representatives is a big help!
  4. The glove should give you a snug fit. This is very important because the padding and foam quality comes into play when we talk about comfort level or hand grip. The gloves should automatically adjust to the shape of your hands. It might take a few punch bag drills but eventually they will adapt to your hands and knuckles.
  5. Lastly, always and I mean always, wear hand wraps under your gloves. You can also go for inner gloves, whichever you prefer more. Some famous brands that come to mind are Rival, Winning, Title, Cleto Reyes, TurnerMAX, fairtex and Everlast.


Women’s boxing, currently, is just at an initial stage because in the coming years, we’ll see more and more females taking part in combat sports, whether, it is boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, martial arts or MMA. It is a positive way to spill out all the aggression and tension building up in our muscles. Moreover, it is the healthier sporty way to kill stress and activate all those happy hormones. Conclusively, it is an ideal sport for weight loss and a great way to calm down at the end of a hectic day.