The best punch bag workout without a doubt is to hit the bag for five 2 minute rounds with a one minute break after each round. Either increase the number of rounds or increase a round’s duration. This will gradually increase your endurance level and eventually leading you towards a higher breakdown threshold level. To put it in simple words, you won’t easily give up or be defeated. Use the blue Mexican style sparring or boxing gloves by TurnerMAX with hand wraps to keep your hands safe.

Punch Bag Workouts for Weight Loss

This is a burning issue, facing the world today at the hands of fattening food, irresistible burgers, pizzas, fries, increasing their weight as the end result. What could a person do to lose weight? Men, women, boys, girls, everyone out there must know someone who is suffering with this problem. It is indeed an epidemic of the modern world. However, punch bag workouts come to the rescue yet again. I won’t be lying if I say that regular punch bag activity helps shed those extra calories, getting the shapeless in shape. Working the bag increases your metabolic rate for many upcoming days.

Replace the Person you despise with a Punch Bag

Coming back to the theme of this post, as beginners, we need to outclass all our fundamental and instinctive laziness and focus on our mission ahead. The mission “punch bag drills” is easily formed and acted upon when you think of hitting someone you dislike at wits end. This way you can punch your heart out without hurting the person physically or emotionally. Therefore, it is a great strategy of the mind to get on with this mission.

Note: Please wear hand wraps under leather boxing gloves (if you can) to avoid injury.

Best Punch Bag Workout to Date

  • Following the 8 steps given below will eventually count as one round
  • Rest for 30 seconds in between rounds
  • Complete 5 rounds every day with discipline


  1. Low Kick – Right Leg

Use your right leg to kick the lower end of the bag. The lower end of the bag is supposed to be the leg of your opponent. The foot on which you are standing will act as a pivot. Do it 5 times.

  1. High Kick – Right Leg

Kick the upper portion of the bag. This will be the opponent’s head. Make a defensive stance as if you’re protecting your chin. Kick it 5 times.

  1. Low Kick – Left Leg

Use your left kick and hit the lower end of the bag 5 times.

  1. High Kick – Left Leg

Use your left kick aiming at the opponent’s head. Keep your hands up as if you’re blocking or being defensive. Do it 5 times.

  1. Punches

Straight punch (jab) the bag 20 times using alternative hands. Keep your hands up and hips moving.

  1. Left Hook

Left hook the bag 5 times. Make an arc and hit the side of the punch bag.

  1. Right Hook

Strike the bag with your right hook 5 times.

  1. Knee Strike

Use both knees alternatively to hit the bag 5 times.

This ends one round of your punch bag workout. Make sure to make at least 5 total rounds in a day. This will help you a great deal in building your muscles, endurance and stamina. Gradually, increase the number of rounds.

Beginner Basics

What’s a Jab?

Jab is the first punch you learn as a beginner. The more you practice on the free standing heavy bag at home, the more you’ll be able to refine them. It will become part of your subconscious to hit the bag and you will enjoy doing that! Boxing for ladies is supposedly a big anti-stressor. Do keep a bag at home if you don’t have the time for gym. I would suggest not hitting with maximum power, initially. As soon as you jab the bag, hold your hands up in guard position before you perform the next jab. Keep moving around the bag to initiate and improve foot movement, striking the bag from different angles.


The next punch is the cross. This training will occur in a one-two blend. Usually the jab comes from the left hand with less power giving way to the right cross that hits the bag with full power. Move your hip along with executing the cross. This should be done while standing in attacking mode as if you are facing a real opponent. Repeat this 10 times before moving onto the next step.


This is just an additional jab and cross once you are comfortable with the previous jab and cross. It can take weeks to perfect the jab-cross blend. This one-two technique is the basic form of punching. Make sure not to lose your balance after completing the jab-cross combination. Add another jab-cross to increase the workout intensity by 4. Repeat this 10 times and you will feel a big change in your fitness and fighting regimen.

TurnerMAX has all the necessary Boxing Products

Punching bag stand for a hanging punch bag can be an option if ceiling hook or a wall bracket is not an option. Moreover, 10 & 12-ounce boxing gloves, better known as competition gloves are not only used inside the ring but also for sparring depending on the size of your hands. 14 or 16-ounce boxing gloves are mostly used for sparring because of the cushioning they provide. To be more specific, TurnerMAX blue boxing gloves are ideal for sparring, bag and pad work. Before entering into the world of boxing, don’t forget to suit up with a proper boxing kit!