What Are Boxing Speedballs Good For?

Speedballs are a vital part of boxing training. Players train on them to prepare for the real fight. Boxing speedballs are also known as speed bags. A speedball hangs by the swivel attached to the ceiling hook at a height slightly above the eye level. It is used to improve hand-eye coordination, which greatly helps a boxer in improving his or her rhythm and overall confidence during a real fight. It is a mandatory practicing tool for every fighter to gain advantage or upper hand over an opponent, whether it is boxing, MMA, martial arts, Muay Thai, kickboxing or any other full-contact/semi-contact combat sport.

Essentials of Boxing Speedballs

The speedballs help fighters keep their hands up. The composition of a speedball is air and the material by which it is made of – either pure leather or PU synthetic leather. They build enough endurance in the boxers which boosts up their morale to move their feet and throw punches at the fighter they are facing. Furthermore, they are mostly rounded figures often mounted by platforms.

Ordinarily, the larger the speed bag, the slower is the movement. Therefore, larger speed bags require more force to keep them moving back and forth. This movement is almost similar to that of a pendulum. Larger bags are used to build more strength and endurance while the smaller bags are used to develop hand speed and timing.

Beginners would find it hard to get control of their punches, but gradually, given some time, they will gain control over their swinging force and speed.

Skills Developed by the Speed Bag

Fighters need to develop quick reflexes and speedballs help in the attainment of just that kind of coordination. Your fists come into action while pounding the speed bag, using the left jab to develop the right rhythm and the right jab after your left-hand gets tired. Both the hands take turns.

It’s a combination of rhythm and speedy impulses to master the art. If you want to excel as a boxer, you need to move your feet along with the punches. Boxing is all about the motion.

Hitting the ball constantly will improve your fitness by leaps and bounds. In a real boxing match, one round takes three minutes, which is why hitting the speed bag for 3 minutes is crucial during training. It builds stamina and the right amount of strength in a boxer. Act on the speed bag as if you are playing an actual boxing match. Only then you can maintain agility longer than those players who do not train on a speedball.


The double-end bags or floor-to-ceiling balls are almost the same as normal speedballs, except for one difference, a cord or string is attached to the ground. This cable ensures the speedball doesn’t go anywhere. When you strike the ball, it reacts by swaying fast towards you. To catch up with the motion, you need to turn sharply, hit or move and improve synchronization. The harder the speedball is hit, the quicker it bounces back and reacts in various angles, thus helping the fighter to train.

Free Standing Speedball

TurnerMAX free standing speedball is a fairly new addition to our product line. It is an effective piece of equipment since it is part punch bag and part speedball. You get two functionalities in one product.

In addition, this item in specific doesn’t need a cable, ceiling hook, bracket or any kind of platform for support. It is a completely independent, self-supporting speedball with no strings attached. It is available in red and black colours.

Even the kids would love this handy piece of equipment. Freestanding speedball is an interesting way to get them into boxing or improve overall fitness before they reach adulthood.

TurnerMAX Speedball Sets

The platforms, heavy duty swivel chains, and speedball accessories are all readily available at Turner Sports. TurnerMAX speed bags are manufactured with different materials (like pure leather & synthetic leather) and display a wide range of colours. You can hook them up at home or the boxing gym. TurnerMAX is a quality brand, unmatched in terms of durability and affordability all over the UK.