Is a Bigger Punch Bag Always Better?

A bag that weighs between 25 to 40 pounds is perfect if you want to improve your punching accuracy or build quickness. On the other hand, if your goal is to improve your strength and punching force, then you will need a heavier bag. The selection of the weight depends on how hard you intend to hit. Remember, if the punch bag is too heavy, it will feel like you are punching a wall.

Calculating the right size for a heavy bag

There is a formula to calculate the right size of punch bag according to your body.  You must divide your weight by two and round the results to the nearest multiple of 10. The number you get will be the weight of the bag in pounds. That’s the size you should buy.  

Normally, the diameter of a punch bag is anywhere between 18 to 30cm however, TurnerMAX has introduced their new punch bags in a 35cm diameter to provide you with a larger surface area to practice on.  The wider punch bag is superior to ordinary bags sold on the market as it is manufactured to withstand a harder treatment and becoming your training aid for years to come.

The 4ft punching bags are the most common size which can be installed in a bedroom or garage and used by all the family for fitness, fun, exercise, training etc.  The larger 5ft punch bags are perfect if you have more space for its installation and ideal for all the above plus a full body attach training session.