How to choose the right size in punch bag?

Punch bags come in a variety of shapes, materials and sizes.  Assuming you have selected the shape and material of your punching bag, it’s now time to decide which is the most appropriate size for your needs.

A local fitness or boxing gym will install heavy 5ft or 6ft punchbags for their members to practice a variety of skills on.  These club bags are specifically made for gyms and manufactured with superior quality materials so that users of all standards can practice their routines throughout the day and night. The punchbag you install in your home does not need to be a gym quality bag as you will only use this bag for an hour or so per day.  If you are a novice, like myself, then you can get yourself an artificial leather punchbag that will last for years. If, on the other hand, you are a boxing or martial art student then you are advised to buy yourself a cowhide leather punchbag since it will last much longer.

Now you need to decide on the size of the punchbag for your requirements.  There are many punchbags in the market ranging from 2ft to 6ft and often there isn’t much difference in the price.  You may be tempted to buy a 6ft bag simply because it’s the same price as a 3ft bag but this may not be the most appropriate bag for your needs. 

Heavy punching bags are meant to provide more resistant as they will not move as much as lighter bags. Therefore, the heavier the bag, the more difficult your workout would be.  When you have to choose a punch bag, you must consider your level of fitness and the intensity you plan to train.  

If you are a novice then I would suggest you purchase a 3ft or 4ft punch bag so you can see the bag giving you instant feedback by moving around.  The moving bag will not only give you the satisfaction of this instant feedback but also a moving target to aim at.

If you are a trained martial artist or boxer then feel free to purchase the 5ft or 6ft bags as you will need a heavier bag with more resistance for your training requirements. 

In summary, I would suggest the following:

2ft Punchbag:                   

Suitable for young children up to 8 years old.  Hang the bag on their bedroom wall or the top of the door frame.

3/4ft Punchbag:              

Suitable for novices for light training exercises.  This bag can help you improve speed and precision.  These punchbags are the most common bags sold and can be hung in bedrooms using either a ceiling hook or wall bracket.

5/6ft Punchbag:              

These bags are designed for more experienced fighters.  The bags are not only longer but will have more filling inside which makes them heavier and therefore offer more of a resistance for your training.  The longer bags have a larger surface area and allow you to kick the bags from a variety of angles for kickboxing and thai boxing.  These bags will occupy more space and better suited in a garage or larger rooms in the house.

Now that you have an idea about which size of punchbag to purchase, you must also consider where the punching bag will be installed in your home.  If you are thinking of hanging the punch bag in a garage then please ensure you have a strong enough RSJ, girder or beam for the size and weight of the punchbag.  Please see my blog about Where to hang your punchbag? for more information.