Hanging Vs. Free Standing Punching Bag - Which one to get?

Punching bags have a history that has come a long way. They were used in a variety of shapes and sizes for physical training during ancient times. Now, you can find them in cylindrical bags filled with sand, water, and grain to keep the structure sturdy. They are widely used for martial arts training, swordplay, combat sports, and recreational workouts.


It’s a tough decision to pick between a hanging bag or a free standing punching bag. Let’s review both options and then you can decide which one would be right for you:


Hanging Punching Bags


A hanging punching bag is suspended in the air usually by a chain or leather/vinyl straps .You will have all the freedom to move it around. You can either hang it on the ceiling or in the garage but make sure it’s hanged to a strong base. You can also adjust the height of the bag by adjusting the bracket.


As these bags have a swinging trait, they demand more space. You will need a bigger room to accommodate them. Since the hanging bag is not static, it swings whenever you strike. This movement is great for combat skills in karate, kickboxing, Muay Thai, and karate. It is also helpful in improving your defense skills since you learn when to step away or block your opponent.


Hanging punching bags are durable and sturdy as compared to other punching bags. Surprisingly, they are cheap.


Free Standing Punching Bag


Freestanding bags are sold with an empty base. The base must either be filled with water or sand; it depends on the user’s choice.

In most models, the bag is attached to a standing. Since there is no hanging involved, there is no need to drill holes in the walls to install the bag. You just have to fill the base of the bag and you are ready to start your workout.

These bags are much lighter as compared to hanging bags. They are more comfortable for your legs when you kick. They are perfect for home workouts since they don’t occupy much space. You can also use them for practicing low kicks like Muay Thai and light cardio boxing or kickboxing.

It’s pretty easy to store a free standing punching bag; all you have to do is place it in the corner of the room. A great thing about free standing punch bags is that 2 people can use a bag at the same time. The only downside is freestanding punch bags are expensive.

Which one to choose?

Which punch bag to choose actually depends on your personal training needs and space availability.  A hanging punching bag requires space but it’s durable and it’s best if you want to develop martial art skills or do any other heavy training.

A free standing punching bag, on the other hand, is perfect for you if you have space constraints and you only want to use it for light training. Whatever appeals to your goals, choose a punching bag that coordinates with your weight and a little over your comfort zone so that you give yourself room to grow and improve.