About Us

A Brief Past:

An idea of what we do here at Turner Sports is the right of every aspiring combat sports professional whether he or she is training in any form of martial arts, wants to excel and prove to the world as a die-hard boxing athlete or a weightlifting fitness fanatic, hence Turner Sports fulfills the needs and requirements of many energetic and calorie-burning sports enthusiasts! Whether you are a club owner, a self-made entrepreneur or a public sector sports center, we believe we have come far enough to cater to the desires of the professionals involved in this athletic age when one needs to be fit to face the challenges this world has to propose.

Kicking off the business at a much localized level, we started by fulfilling the prerequisites thrown at us by the boxing and fitness clubs. Even the martial arts industry needed reliable suppliers as we began to manufacture for them the essentials they needed at the time. We have been an enthusiastic or exciting bunch of individuals looking for a good deal and grab the opportunity by the neck and earn respectable profit by completing three or four large orders every year.

Internet And The Rise Of Online Business:

I would like to mention the 90s as the age of computer and online activity laid its roots in laying down foundations for businesses to thrive and succeed reaching unchartered territories and crossing borders in a positive way to equip the individuals with the power to acquire products regardless of how far seems to be the destined location. But we felt the need of a genuine supplier and owner of business strictly attending to the wishes of the youngsters involved in boxing and martial arts. The gap needed to be filled and it was time turner Sports was taken a step further to open up a warehouse in order to tend to the necessities of ambitious contact sports personnel.

History In The Making:

It was time Turner Sports was taken to the next level, to be heard on a massive level, to be working not only for themselves but giving others a taste of what they loved and adored. As the business offices are head quartered in the UK, Turner Sports felt the market was rich in cricketing supplies and football equipment. The uniforms or the gear needed for combat sports still needed consideration. It was in 2004 when Turner Sports initialized a rigorous activity attending to the demands of professionals related to boxing, martial arts, weightlifting and fitness fundamentalists. The hunger for the gear started to decrease as soon as we launched operations as full-fledged impassioned efforts of our staff seized popularity and admiration for the company in the dignified sports industry. It was a no brainer the organization shined as a star upon the face of the earth and could be named as a pioneer of genuine leather punch bags in the UK.

Working Hard And Applying Ourselves:

Towards this day we have continued to work hard and striving every day to maintain the quality and durability of our products delivering to the clients and prospective customers with utmost care whether it be our sales officers or our friendly customer services agents conversing with extreme humbleness and in turn mastering the art of professionalism and courtesy. As we had surveyed the market with a critical eye, we knew the prices of our competitors were far greater than what we were offering and our loyal customers admitted the fact by posting positive reviews on e-commerce portals in approval of their favourite brand.

Website Will Prove To Be Legendary:

It is said that the sports euphoria is extreme in most parts of the world and the teens, adolescents, grown-ups have a habit to engage in some sort of sports activity to remain fit, active and agile in performing their respective daily functions of life. We have been able to build this site up from scratch and constant update of content on this site not only leads towards the most updated and anticipated products but a chance for the new comers to get quickly acquainted with the stuff present in our stock. We encourage our esteemed clients to keep in touch with us so we can keep a check on ourselves and our operations, our departments could stay sharp in manufacturing the most desired sportswear to make you all feel relaxed and comfy in ordering our hot-selling products ranging from Boxing pads, gloves, bags, shorts to martial arts equipment to MMA, fitness and weightlifting utensils. We have it all, you think and we act, hence don’t worry and let us do our job as you can depend on us!

Sticking To The Basics & Delivering To Everyone Openheartedly:

We serve customers from all over the world from New York to Newcastle, Lisbon to Leicester, Adelaide to Amersham, the eBay and Amazon outlets are another way you can interact with Turner Sports wishing you all a great shopping experience without troubling your pockets. Our customers range from a little 4-year-old kid craving a size zero karate suit to professional MMA fighters looking for credible sports gear. We welcome the distributors and wholesalers to become part of the growing trend and uplift their financial statuses by signing up with none other than Turner Sports. We will provide 500 pairs of 16 oz boxing gloves for your training gyms and we also encourage parents to stay motivated as they can order a red karate suit for their kids from the comfort of their homes or offices.


To mark the end of this explanatory note, I would suggest you try our products for once and if you don’t get addicted to our already tested products, you can be mad at us all the way. Our numbers and contact information has been listed down on the website, where you can call or send us your feedback about certain merchandise you feel is not up to par. We even offer money back guarantee if the items are faulty. Just remember Turner Sports has come a long way and matured itself into a dependable and revolutionary group comprising of individuals who work and integrate as a family!