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  1. Filled Mexican Double End Punch Bag
    Filled Mexican Double End Punch Bag
    • Multi-use 3-in-1 punchbag makes this ideal for kicking, punching and general training
    • Combines the benefit of a punch bag, maize bag and floor to ceiling ball
    • Approx 30 inches (77cm) plus bottom strap for securing to the floor
    • Prefilled punchbag with a textile filling (empty for international deliveries)
    • Simple zip on the top that enables you to customize the filling further (if required)
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  2. Head Guard Full Face Machine Mould
    Head Guard Full Face Machine Mould
  3. TurnerMAX Filled Punch Bags
    TurnerMAX Filled Punch Bags
    • IDEAL WEIGHT - Machine filled hanging punching bags weighing between 50 to 80 pounds (20-35 kg)
    •  CUSTOMISABLE FILLING - with a zipped top design letting you adjust the weight of the heavy bag
    •  EXTREME DURABILITY - each bag is double stitched, reinforced with heavy duty D-shackles
    • COMFORTABLE - UK Filled with recycled materials which is not too hard on your hands
    •  FREE SWIVEL HANGING CHAIN & INNER GLOVES with each punch bag set to get you started without delay
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  4. TurnerMAX Head Guard Masked
    TurnerMAX Head Guard Masked
    • Made from Genuine synthetic leather material with lining on the inside.
    • Full face design gives maximum protection whilst sparing.
    • Padded top making it also suitable for Kick boxing, MMA, UFC etc.
    •  Padded air pressure release pockets for the ears.
    •  Unbreakable and shatterproof mask for greatest face protection. Several velcro straps at the back for custom adjustments
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